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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Actaea pachypodaWhite Baneberry02
Alkanna tinctoriaAlkanet, Alkanna12
Berberis vulgarisEuropean Barberry, Common barberry33
Centaurea cyanusCornflower, Garden cornflower, Blue Bottle, Cornflower22
Clematis tibetana 02
Clerodendrum trichotomumChou Wu Tong, Harlequin glorybower, Ferruginous clerodendrum, Harlequin Glory Bower13
Cnidium monnieriShe Chuang Zi, Monnier's snowparsley13
Crambe cordifoliaFlowering sea kale31
Crambe kotschyana 21
Daucus pusillusRattlesnake Weed, American wild carrot22
Desmanthus illinoensisPrairie Mimosa, Illinois bundleflower41
Epilobium latifoliumRiver Beauty32
Euodia lepta 02
Euonymus alatusWinged Spindle Tree, Burningbush, Corky spindletree12
Euphorbia hirtaAsthma Weed, Pill-Bearing Spurge13
Gleditsia sinensisLocust33
Hibiscus syriacusRose Of Sharon, Althaea, Shrub Althea, Hardy Hibiscus42
Leucothoe axillarisCoastal Doghobble01
Leucothoe grayana 01
Liatris punctataSnakeroot, Dotted blazing star, Mexican blazing star, Nebraska blazing star12
Litsea umbrosa 01
Lonicera involucrataTwinberry, Twinberry honeysuckle22
Lycopodium clavatumCommon Club Moss, Running clubmoss03
Mertensia ciliataMountain Bell, Tall fringed bluebells11
Olea europaeaOlive, African olive, European olive43
Pittosporum phillyreoidesWeeping Pittosporum, Narrow-leaf Pittosporum21
Prangos pabularia 12
Reaumuria hypericoides 01
Rhus trilobataSkunk Bush, Basketbush, Squawbush, Three Leaf Sumac42
Rosa blandaLabrador Rose, Smooth rose, Hispid rose22
Rumex daiwoosour dock12
Salix lasiolepisArroyo willow, Bigelow's willow02
Saponaria officinalisSoapwort, Bouncingbet03
Sophora flavescensKu Shen, Shrubby sophora03
Spirodela polyrrhizaGreat Duckweed, Common duckmeat12
Stanleya pinnataPrince's Plume, Desert princesplume, Bipinnate princesplume, Golden princesplume, Inyo princesplume22
Tsuga canadensisCanadian Hemlock, Eastern hemlock13
Tsuga carolinianaCarolina Hemlock12
Vaccaria hispanicaCow Cockle, Cow soapwort13
Ruscus aculeatusButcher's Broom - Knee Holly13
Oenothera biennisEvening Primrose, Sun Drop, Common evening primrose35
Knautia arvensisField Scabious, Field scabiosa02
Sempervivum tectorumHouseleek, Common houseleek, Hen and Chickens23
Pueraria montana lobataKudzu Vine45
Anagallis arvensisScarlet Pimpernel22
Veronica officinalisCommon Speedwell12
Myrica galeBog Myrtle, Sweetgale22
Verbena officinalisVervain, Herb of the cross, Prostrate verbena13
Triticum aestivumBread Wheat, Common wheat42
Blighia sapidaAkee, ackee apple or ayee32
Cananga odorataYlang Ylang, Perfume Tree23
Croton lechleriSangre De Grado, Dragon's blood04
Croton palanostigmaSangre De Grado, Dragon's blood04
Croton salutarisSangre De Grado, Dragon's blood04
Gossypium barbadenseSea Island Cotton32
Smilax febrifugaEcuadorian Sarsaparilla34
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