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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Anacardium occidentaleCashew, Caju53
Areca catechuBetel Palm, Betel Nut Palm33
Arenga pinnataSolitary Sugar Palm41
Artocarpus camansiBreadnut, Kamansi41
Artocarpus mariannensisSeeded breadfruit, Marianas bread43
Arundo donaxGiant Reed, Giant Reed Grass32
Bactris gasipaesPeach Palm, Pupunha52
Bambusa vulgarisCommon Bamboo32
Barringtonia proceraPao nuts, Cut nut42
Bixa orellanaAnnatto (Lipstick Plant, Urucum, Colorau, Achiote )33
Cajanus cajanPigeon Pea, Puerto Rico Bean, Gandul, Dhal, Congo Pea42
Ceiba pentandraKapok Tree, Cotton Tree, Suma'ma33
Chimonobambusa quadrangularisSquare Bamboo20
Chimonobambusa szechuanensis 10
Corylus avellanaCommon Hazel, Common filbert, European Filbert, Harry Lauder's Walking Stick, Corkscrew Hazel, Hazel52
Corylus avellana pontica 40
Crescentia cujeteCalabash Tree32
Dactyladenia barteriMonkey Fruit02
Erythrina fuscaCoral Bean, Swamp Immortelle22
Fargesia nitidaFountain Bamboo00
Flemingia macrophyllaEnoki-mame12
Gigantochloa albociliataClumping bamboo30
Gliricidia sepiumGliricidia, Forest Lilac, Mexican Lilac22
Guadua angustifoliaClumping Bamboo. Guadua00
Hibiscus cannabinusKenaf, Brown Indianhemp42
Jatropha curcasPhysic Nut, Barbados Nut23
Leucaena leucocephalaLeucaena, Lead Tree, White Tamarind32
Moringa oleiferaHorseradish Tree, Moringa,44
Phyllostachys aureaGolden Bamboo, Fishpole Bamboo50
Phyllostachys aureosulcataYellow-Groove Bamboo40
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