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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Apocynum cannabinumIndian Hemp22
Apocynum venetum 02
Arundo donaxGiant Reed, Giant Reed Grass32
Asclepias speciosaShowy Milkweed32
Asclepias erosaDesert Milkweed20
Asclepias incarnataSwamp Milkweed, Swamp Butterfly Weed, Marsh Milkweed32
Asclepias subulataRush Milkweed01
Asclepias syriacaCommon Milkweed, Silkweed, Milkweed32
Asclepias tuberosaPleurisy Root, Butterfly milkweed, Rolfs' milkweed, Indian Paintbrush33
Astragalus glycyphyllosMilk Vetch, Licorice milkvetch10
Boehmeria niveaRamie, Chinese Grass, Chinese Silk Plant22
Catharanthus roseusMadagascar Periwinkle, Jasmine, Cayenne Old Maid Periwinkle14
Chrysopogon zizanioidesVetiver, Vetiver Root, Khus Khus22
Cortaderia selloanaPampas Grass00
Couma utilisSorva, Milk Tree42
Cynara cardunculusCardoon35
Grindelia squarrosaRosin Weed, Curlycup gumweed23
Medicago sativaAlfalfa, Yellow alfalfa43
Miscanthus sacchariflorusAmur Silver Grass00
Miscanthus sinensisEulalia, Chinese silvergrass, Silver Feather, Eulalia Grass, Japanese Silver Grass, Ornamental Grass12
Phalaris arundinaceaCanary Grass, Reed canarygrass, Gardener's Garter Grass, Ribbon Grass00
Phleum pratenseTimothy01
Pueraria montana lobataKudzu Vine45
Pueraria phaseoloidesTropical Kudzu21
Rumex acetosaSorrel, Garden sorrel53
Solidago leavenworthiiLeavenworth's goldenrod01
Solidago nemoralisOld-Field Goldenrod, Gray goldenrod11
Stipa tenacissimaEsparto Grass, Esparto00
Tanacetum cinerariifoliumDalmation Pellitory, Pyrethrum01
Tephrosia virginianaCatgut, Virginia tephrosia02
Trifolium hybridumAlsike Clover21
Trifolium repensWhite Clover, Dutch Clover, Purple Dutch Clover, Shamrock, White Clover32
Typha angustifoliaSmall Reed Mace, Narrowleaf cattail53
Typha latifoliaReedmace, Broadleaf cattail, Bullrush, Nailrod53
Urtica dioicaStinging Nettle, California nettle55
Saccharum officinarumSugarcane, Purple Sugar Cane42
Arachis glabrataPerennial peanut10
Arachis pintoiPinto peanut00
Asclepias currasavicaBlood Flower01
Cyperus cephalotesBhada, Flat Sedges, Nut Sedges or Umbrella Sedge.01
Cyperus giganteusPiripiri, Mexican Papyrus02
Cyperus papyrusPapyrus. Papyrus sedge22
Eulaliopsis binataBabui, Sabaigrass00
Gynerium sagittatumUva Grass02
Lepironia articulataGrey sedge, Cicao00
Mimosa pudicaMorivivir, Sensitive Plant22
Panicum virgatumSwitch Grass00
Panicum maximumGuinea grass. Green panic grass12
Sansevieria hyacinthoidesAfrican Bowstring Hemp02
Sansevieria roxburghianaIndian Bowstring Hemp, Bowstring Hemp03
Sansevieria trifasciataMother-in-Law's Tongue, Snake plant02
Apocynum pictumKendyr02
Clitoria ternateaButterfly pea30
Grindelia hirsutulaGumweed, Gum Plant03
Typha elephantinaBora. Elephant grass, Indian reed-mace.33
Carex meyerianaSedge, Wu la cao 00
Carex morrowiiIwashiba, Japanese Sedge 00
Chondrilla ambiguaChondrilla, Sha di fen bao ju00
Cyperus textilisFlat sedge, Basket grass,00
Echinochloa polystachyaAleman Grass. German grass00
Eremophila fraseriBurra, Turpentine bush01
Euphorbia esulaLeafy Spurge. Green spurge00
Miscanthus x giganteusGiant Miscanthus00
Pennisetum purpureumNapier grass. Elephant grass22
Reynoutria japonicaJapanese knotweed.33
Saccharum hybridsEnergy Cane42
Schoenoplectiella mucronataRicefield bulrush, Bog bulrush11
Schoenoplectus californicus tatoraTotora20
Sorghum hybridsPerennial Sorghum41
Stylosanthes guianensisEstilo00
Trachomitum lancifoliumLance leaved Dogbane, Lance leaved Kendry 01
Trachomitum sarmatienseSarmatian Dogbane, Sarmatian Kendry 01
Trachomitum scabrumKendry, Rough Kendry00
Linum hybridsPerennial Flax44
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