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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Adenostoma fasciculatumGreasewood01
Agathis macrophyllaDakua00
Agathis mooreiPacific Kauri, Moore Kauri10
Allanblackia floribundaVegetable Tallow. Tallow tree32
Allanblackia stuhlmanniiMkani, Msambo32
Argania spinosaArgan Tree, Spiny Argania, Morocco Ironwood42
Attalea speciosaBabassu, American Oil Palm, Motacu, Motacuchi42
Azadirachta indicaNeem24
Bertholletia excelsaBrazil Nut52
Brassica rapa trilocularisIndian Colza20
Brosimum utileCow Tree, Palo De Vaca32
Canarium indicumCanarium Nut, Ngali, Galip nut, kenari nut42
Canarium schweinfurtiiAfrican elemi33
Carapa guianensisAndiroba04
Ceiba aesculifoliaPochote21
Chrysobalanus icacoCoco Plum, Paradise Plum42
Cocos nuciferaCoconut Palm, Coconut52
Dacrydium cupressinumRimu, New zealand red pine20
Dacryodes edulisBush Butter Tree, Butterfruit, African Plum, bush pear, bush plum, safou52
Dipterocarpus alatusApitong, baume de gurjun, gurjun balsam02
Dyera costulataHill Jelutong01
Garcinia kolaBitter Kola34
Hevea brasiliensisPara Rubber Tree, Brazilian Rubber Tree20
Jatropha curcasPhysic Nut, Barbados Nut23
Juncus effususSoft Rush, Common rush, Lamp rush, Pacific rush12
Juniperus monospermaOne-Seed Juniper32
Juniperus occidentalisWestern Juniper32
Lecythis ollariaMonkey Pot. Sapucaia nut, Pot nut30
Lecythis pisonisParadise Nut. Brazilian Monkey Pot32
Malus domesticaApple52
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