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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Afzelia africanaAfrican Mahogany22
Agathis mooreiPacific Kauri, Moore Kauri10
Aquilaria crassnaAgar Wood, Agarwood03
Archidendron jiringaJengkol, Jiringa42
Aspidosperma albumGuatambu02
Aspidosperma eburneumEburneum00
Aspidosperma polyneuronPeroba Rosa02
Astronium balansaeAstronium00
Astronium urundeuvaUrunday04
Baikiaea plurijugaRhodesian Teak, Zambesi Redwood12
Bambusa bambosGiant Thorny Bamboo33
Bambusa blumeanaSpiny Bamboo. Spiny bamboo, Thorny bamboo20
Bambusa vulgarisCommon Bamboo32
Baphia nitidaCamwood, Baphia22
Bertholletia excelsaBrazil Nut52
Blighia sapidaAkee, ackee apple or ayee32
Borassus aethiopumAfrican Fan Palm, Palmyra Palm42
Brosimum alicastrumBreadnut. Maya nut32
Brosimum guianenseBastard Breadnut12
Brosimum parinarioidesLeite de amapa, Brosimum32
Brosimum rubescensBloodwood Cacique02
Brosimum utileCow Tree, Palo De Vaca32
Bursera simarubaGum Tree, Gumbo Limbo22
Byrsonima crassifoliaGolden Spoon, Nance, Nancy Tree42
Calamus caesiusRotan Sega20
Calamus mananRotan Manau00
Calamus ovoideusEgg-shaped Rattan. Rotan Ovoid20
Calamus radiatusRotan Rays. Radial Leaf Rotan00
Calamus rotangRattan, Rotang, Rattan Cane22
Calophyllum brasilienseBrazil Beauty-Leaf02
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