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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Apium graveolensWild Celery. Ajmod, Ajwain-ka-patta (Indian)33
Apium graveolens dulceCelery42
Apium graveolens rapaceumCeleriac42
Apium graveolens secalinumLeaf Celery42
Arachis hypogaeaPeanut42
Arctium lappaGreat Burdock, Gobo45
Arctium minusLesser Burdock35
Armoracia rusticanaHorseradish, Red Cole33
Asparagus officinalisAsparagus, Garden asparagus43
Atherosperma moschatumBlack Sassafras22
Bacopa monnieriHerb of Grace, Brahmi, Smooth Water Hyssop34
Basella albaMalabar Spinach, Indian Spinach, Ceylon spinach,42
Berberis lycium 33
Bidens tripartitaBurr Marigold, Threelobe beggarticks22
Brassica junceaBrown Mustard42
Brassica juncea crispifoliaCurled Mustard42
Brassica juncea foliosaLeaf Mustard42
Brassica juncea integrifolia crispifoliaCurled Mustard42
Brassica juncea multicepsGreen In The Snow42
Brassica juncea napiformisRoot Mustard42
Brassica juncea rugosaHead Mustard42
Brassica juncea strumataLarge Petiole Mustard42
Brassica juncea tumidaSwollen-Stem Mustard42
Calendula arvensisField Marigold23
Calendula officinaliscalendula, Pot Marigold35
Capparis spinosaCaper,Common Caper, Caper Bush23
Chelone glabraBalmony, White turtlehead03
Chionanthus virginicusFringe Tree, White fringetree, Old Man's Beard, Fringe Tree13
Cochlearia officinalisScurvy Grass, Spoonwort12
Cotoneaster racemiflorusBlack-Wood, Cotoneaster21
Cucumis sativusCucumber, Garden cucumber42
Delphinium elatumCandle larkspur, English Larkspur01
Dendranthema indicumChrysanthemum23
Elytrigia repensCouch Grass, Quackgrass23
Fumaria officinalisFumitory, Drug fumitory13
Galium aparineGoosegrass, Coachweed, Catchweed, Stickywilly23
Helianthus tuberosusJerusalem Artichoke41
Hibiscus rosa-sinensisChinese Hibiscus, Shoeblackplant, Hawaiian Hibiscus, Tropical Hibiscus, China Rose, Rose-of-China, S33
Hypochoeris glabraSmooth Cat's Ear11
Lepidium sativumCress, Gardencress pepperweed31
Mazus pumilusJapanese mazus11
Medicago sativaAlfalfa, Yellow alfalfa43
Myricaria germanica 01
Ononis spinosaSpiny Rest Harrow22
Petroselinum crispumParsley44
Petroselinum crispum tuberosumHamburg Parsley43
Peucedanum officinaleHog's Fennel02
Physalis alkekengiWinter Cherry, Strawberry groundcherry,Ground Cherry, Chinese Lantern22
Physalis alkekengi franchetiiWinter Cherry22
Physalis viscosaSticky Ground Cherry, Starhair groundcherry42
Prunus davidianaChinese Wild Peach23
Prunus humilisBush Cherry32
Prunus japonicaKorean Cherry, Japanese bush cherry33
Prunus japonica nakaiJapanese Plum33
Prunus spinosaSloe - Blackthorn32
Rhamnus frangulaAlder Buckthorn03
Rheum officinaleChinese Rhubarb13
Rheum palmatumTurkey Rhubarb, Chinese Rhubarb - Da Huang, Chinese rhubarb35
Rheum x cultorumRhubarb43
Ribes rubrumRed Currant, Cultivated currant41
Rosa rubiginosaSweet Briar, Sweetbriar rose23
Rosa x damascenaDamask Rose21
Rubia tinctorumMadder, Dyer's madder02
Rumex vesicariusBladder Dock22
Ruscus aculeatusButcher's Broom - Knee Holly13
Sambucus nigraElderberry - European Elder, Black elderberry, American black elderberry, Blue elderberry, Europea43
Sesbania grandifloraVegetable Hummingbird, Agati,32
Solidago odoraSweet Goldenrod, Anisescented goldenrod, Chapman's goldenrod22
Sorbus aucupariaMountain Ash, European mountain ash22
Tamarindus indicaTamarind43
Tanacetum partheniumFeverfew, Matricaria25
Taraxacum officinaleDandelion - Kukraundha, Kanphool, Common dandelion, Dandelion43
Teucrium chamaedrysWall Germander, Germander12
Thuja orientalisBiota13
Tragopogon porrifoliusSalsify32
Trifolium pratenseRed Clover33
Tropaeolum majusNasturtium, Indian Cress43
Tropaeolum minusDwarf Nasturtium43
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