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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Aniba rosaeodoraBrazilian Rosewood, Rosewood-oil tree23
Asphodelus albusAsphodel, Gamón-blanco21
Citrus hystrixKaffir Lime32
Garcinia mangostanaMangosteen, Manggis52
Gliricidia sepiumGliricidia, Forest Lilac, Mexican Lilac22
Gnetum africanumEru, African Jointfir42
Gnetum buchholzianumJointfir42
Khaya senegalensisDryzone Mahogany23
Lantana camaraWild Sage, Lantana Verbena24
Pandanus amaryllifoliusFragrant Pandan32
Platonia insignisBakuri, Bacuri42
Tarchonanthus camphoratusCamphor Bush, Wild Camphor Bush13
Vitellaria paradoxaShea Butter Tree45
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