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Join our Expert Group of Editors and Contributors

An expert group of editors and contributors to and moderators for the PFAF database and website is being convened online. If you have and would like to share knowledge and expertise on plants, their uses, constituents and cultivation with Plants For A Future website users ( 160,000 unique users and over 1 million page impressions per month ), we would like you to join the group. This is an opportunity to help expand the general pool of knowledge on plants and increase both its quality and its accessibility to botanists, students, plant lovers, herbalists, nutritionists, cooks, gardeners and others. How much time and effort you would put in is very much up to you, so you will choose your preferred field(s) of expertise and level of involvement.

The website has a User Friendly interface that will allow you to easily update the content. All you need is to be familiar with computers and have an internet connection. Various tasks are urgently needed that include:

  • Adding scientific information from database users via ‘readers comments’ 
  • Contributing to the database by adding scientific or other expertise via the expert group of contributors/moderators 
  • Removing confusing, conflicting elements, typos and misspellings
  • Update and enhance information on the plants including correcting any information from the original references that has been shown to be inaccurate
  • Adding images to the website
  • Writing new plant summaries for each plant
  • Updating the database regularly with approved material for inclusion
  • removing irrelevant comments and links
  • reviewing new links and comments to see the quality of the information

Please send either a CV or description of how your expertise and knowledge were acquired to Carol Wellwood and Trevor Pemberton at: admin@pfaf.org



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