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Checklist of plants suitable for hedging and windbreaks: P

Botanical name Common name Deciduous/ Evergreen Height Growth rate Hardiness Wind Notes
Paliurus spina-christi Christ`s thorn D M-T M 8   Most well drained soils,full sun.
Perovskia atriplicifolia   D S-M   6 M Well drained soils including chalk.Sunny position.
Philadelphus coronarius Mock orange D M M 5   Most soils incl chalk.Sunny.Also:-P.delavayi,P.pubescens,P.purpurascens & P.x.virginalis.
Phillyrea latifolia   E M-T S 7 M Most soils.Edible fruit?Medicinal.
Phormium tenax New Zealand Flax E M-T M 8 M Most soils,preferably moist.Edible gum, nectar. Fibre, basketry, glue, dyes, tannin, coffee sub.
Photinia davidiana   E M-T F 8   Fertile well drained soil in a sheltered sunny position.
Photinia x fraseri   E T M 8   As above.Succeeds on chalk.
Pittosporum crassifolium Karo E M-T M 9 M Most soils.Dark blue dye,saponins.Soil stabilization.
Pittosporum ralphii   E M-T M 9 M Most soils.
Pittosporum tenuifolium Kohuhu E M-T M 9 M Most soils.Edible gum.Foliage in flower arranging.
Pittosporum tobira Tobira E S M 9   Well drained soil,sun or semi-shade.
Pittosporum undulatum Cheesewood E M-T M 9 M Most soils.
Pleioblastus hindsii Bamboo E M-T M 7   Most soils,not dry.Prefers shade.Edible young shoots.Plant supports.
Pleioblastus simonii Medake E M-T M-F 6 M As above.
Poncirus trifoliata Bitter orange E M-T M 5   Most soils,sunny position.Edible fruit-a conserve.Medicinal.
Potentilla fruticosa Cinquefoil D S M 5   Most soils,preferably light,well drained.Tea,tinder,soil stabilization.
Prinsepia utilis   D M-T M 5   Light soil,sunny position.Edible fruit,oil.Medicinal.
Prumnopitys andina Plum-fruited yew E M-T S-M 8   Most soils,sheltered position.Edible fruit-tastes like a grape.Edible seed.
Prunus caroliniana Laurel cherry E M M 7   Well drained soil in sun or shade.Edible fruit.
Prunus cerasifera Cherry plum D T M-F 4 W Well drained,preferably with chalk.Sunny.Edible fruit.
Prunus cerasus Sour cherry D T M-F 3   Most well drained soils,preferably acid.Edible fruit,oil,gum.Tea.
Prunus x cistena   D M M 3   Well drained soils including chalk,sunny position.
Prunus incisa Fuji cherry D M-T M 6   Well drained soils including chalk,sunny position.
Prunus insititia Damson D T M 5 W Most soils incl chalky,sunny position.Edible fruit.Medicinal.
Prunus laurocerasus Cherry laurel E T M 7 W Most soils,dislikes shallow chalk.Shade tolerant.Edible fruit if fully ripe.Almond flavouring.
Prunus lusitanica Portuguese laurel E T M 7   Most soils,sun or shade.Susceptible to silver leaf disease.
Prunus spinosa Sloe D M-T M 4 M Most well drained soils.Edible fruit-very acid.Ink,tea,dye medicinal.
Pseudosasa japonica Bamboo E T M 6 M Most soils.Edible young shoots.Plant supports,medicinal.
Pyracantha spp. Firethorn E M-T M 6-8 W Most soils.Susceptible to fireblight.Species include:- P.coccinea,P.rogersiana,P."Wateri"


D = Deciduous E = Evergreen

Height:- S = Small (to 4ft for hedges, 20ft for trees.) M = Medium (to 6ft for hedges, 50ft for trees.) T = Tall (over 6ft for hedges, over 50ft for trees.)

Rate of Growth:- S = Slow M = Medium F = Fast

Wind Resistance:- W = tolerates Windy sites M = tolerates Maritime exposure

Hardiness zones 1(hardiest) to 10:- most of Britain is in zone 7 or 8 with some upland and northern areas being colder whilst western and southern coastal areas are milder.

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