Thank you so much! We appreciate all your donations, big and small, which poured in during 2014. You gave our charity over £10,000 in response to our appeal, over ten times more than in 2013! This meant we did not need to dip into our dwindling reserves to keep the database and website going and free of charge for another year. In 2015 we will continue to depend on your donations, so please do keep them coming. More information on our financial position >>>
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Cornwall Site

Just to clarify, The Field is owned by Ken and Addy Fern.  The PFAF Charity formerly held a long lease on the land, but is now not involved in its management in any way.  Those people with a direct interest in The Field are considering the way forward for its future.
History of the site
Plants for a Future, a small environmental group run entirely by volunteers, was established in 1989 when a 28 acre piece of land in Cornwall was purchased as a place to demonstrate the many uses of plants with a very strong emphasis on perennial species....more

Ken Fern introduced a variety of rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses. Practising vegan-organic Permaculture with emphasis on creating an ecologically sustainable environment based largely on perennial plants.

Visiting The Field - Tours and Open Days
Some years we have had one or more open days during the summer, where visitors could come and be shown around, learn about the land; the plants and our methods of growing them; and also to taste some of the plants where appropriate - without the need to book up in advance....more
There always seemed to be more work to do at the land than there were people and time to get it done. Therefore we actively welcomed people who wanted to come and stay for a while with us as volunteers....more
Land Club
Since we bought the land in 1989, we looked for a way to safeguard its long-term future. We put our hearts and souls into the land, helping to transform it from a barren field to a lush green oasis that attracts the wildlife from many miles around. It would just be horrendous to think of this land going back under the plough.

In addition, we felt strongly that land should not be owned. It is there for all the creatures and plants we share this planet with and we view ourselves as stewards of the land rather than the owners. We finally decided to establish a Land Club in order to ensure the long term safety of the land. The Land Club has a legal constitution that is designed to protect both the land and the members of the club. It allows members to grow plants on the land whilst also respecting the rights of other creatures to share the land with us. Members cannot own the piece of land they care for but, so long as they respect the conditions of the club, they continue to be stewards of particular allocated parts of the land.
If you want to become a Land Club member, you need first to spend a reasonable amount of time as a volunteer. Land club members are encouraged to help each other out, and also help with the general maintenance of the site such as grass-cutting an maintaining paths.